Update GoDaddy Name Servers

To make your existing domain name work with a website created by Ono Web Design, you need to have your domain name servers pointed to our Web Servers.

To Set Custom Nameservers for a Domain Name Registered with GoDaddy:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Launch.
  3. Select the domain name(s) you want to modify.
  4. From the Nameservers menu, select Set Nameservers.
  5. Under Setup type, select Custom.
  6. Select Add Nameservers.
  7. Enter the two nameservers in the first two boxes:

Note: Make sure to replace any info that is already in those boxes.  If there are more than three nameservers listed, enter the two above in the first two boxes and remove the rest.

  1. Click Save.

Host changes can take up to 48 hours for servers worldwide to update. This means your hosting or other domain name features might not work during the propagation period. You may check the status of this propagation at Global DNS Propagation by typing your domain name and clicking “Search”.

More information about updating your GoDaddy nameservers is available at Godaddy.com: Setting Nameservers For Your Domain Names.

For help and support with GoDaddy Services, you may contact GoDaddy 24/7 support at (480) 505-8877. If you are unable to complete the update, please contact us.